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why wedupp ?

Wedupp is the most comprehensive eco-system available for the wedding industry, so as to bring system and order by eliminating some of the primary issues encountered and introducing a self-sufficient system that ensures effective communication among all the parties involved, providing an end to end solution platform by adopting to a course of action involving Visualising, Planning, Execution and Post Wedding activities in the most convenient and comfortable possible way.


about us

Indian Weddings across communities are grand, larger than life, vibrantly diversified occasions that bring with them a range of dilemmas. Thus introducing - WedUpp A one stop app for your Wedding planning, Providing end-to-end solutions; From laying the groundwork plan, aiding interactions with and among the guests to being entertained and thoroughly updated with the upcoming Wedding events. With WedUpp, we help you to not only create and safeguard the memories of your Big Day but also ensure that the Wedding Experience is redefined to new horizons for you and your loved ones, while making your life long memory a convenient, comfortable and a hassle-free process.

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