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A complete eco-system to solve the day to day problems faced while planning the Perfect Big Fat Indian Wedding.

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Every couple has a dream image of their wedding in their minds. Get a clear idea about the minutest details involved and create a vision about their special day with the to-be couple. You can create notes, select locations, make rough estimates, etc.


“WedUpp introduces it’s users to a comprehensive platform for planning the wedding events where you can assign and distribute the tasks amongst your team members and very easily manage all of them at the same time!”



Done with all the planning. Create a Customised guest app and get all the guests on it to include them in wedding celebrations while keeping them informed about all the events and updates. check out all features


A one stop app for you to plan and lay the groundwork for the wedding; & for the guests to interact, be entertained & keep updated with wedding happenings.


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WedUpp provides you a 360 degree solution for you to manage your perfect wedding on one platform.